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Please make sure that you have a valid passport for traveling to Sweden and that you have a valid health insurance during your visit in Sweden. Participants from certain countries must apply for an entry visa at the nearest embassy or consulate issuing entry visas for Sweden.
Please see: www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/5616.

A list of these countries for which a Schengen visa is needed is found at www.regeringen.se/content/1/c6/09/19/34/ba7008e1.pdf.

Further information about the visa procedure is found at www.migrationsverket.se/english.jsp.
Please note that participants who need an entry visa must show a valid health insurance when applying for a visa.

If you need a visa you have to enclose an invitation from KTH for each of your team members. All coaches should have received a welcome letter from us with instructions.
If you need us to resend this information, please contact us at: hostinfo@icpc.baylor.edu

How to get from Stockholm-Arlanda airport to the hotels
When you arrive at Arlanda airport you will arrive at either Terminal 5 or terminal 2. Please have a look here http://www.arlanda.se/en/Traveller-Information/Before-a-journey/Airlines/Alphabetically/ to see which terminal you will arrive to.

There are three main alternatives to get to the city center.
- Airport coaches. Takes 45 minutes, but then it is a 15+ minute walk to the hotels. Price 110 SEK/person.
- Arlanda Express Train. Takes 17 minutes, but will also leave a 15+ minute walk to the hotels. Price 240 SEK/person.
- Taxi. Will bring you all the way to your hotel in about 40 minutes. Price 500 SEK/ car (up to 4 persons)

Whatever you choose our volunteers will be there on Friday April 17 and Saturday April 18 to help you in getting to the train or bus (and providing you with a map, see picture, from the central station to the hotels), or order a taxi for you. Our volunteers will also keep track of train and bus schedules (both leave at least every 15 minutes) and they will also make sure to know the easiest way of getting a suitable taxi.

The easiest alternative is of course the taxi.

For all alternatives it is possible to use all mayor international credit cards. Paying cash is possible in the taxis and if you choose to buy your bus or train ticket at the transportation counter at the airport.

How to get from the harbour Värtahamnen to the hotels
At the harbour there are bus stops for the local buses. One of these buses is bus 76. This bus normally leaves every 20 minutes in the direction of Norra Hammarbyhamnen. The bus passes close to all three hotels (see map, starting with Hotel Diplomat) and the trip takes about 12 minutes.

This page will soon be updated with more information.


Travel to Sweden:
Stockholm is easiest accessable by plane to Stockholm-Arlanda airport, http://www.arlanda.se/en/Traveller-information/.


Arlanda Airport


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