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Welcome to Sweden and one of the most beautiful cities of the world

Welcome to Stockholm. Discover a city like no other - a city built on 14 islands, where you are never far from the water. Well-preserved medieval buildings stand alongside modern architecture. The island of Djurgården, the world´s first National City Park, is only a short walk from the pulse of the inner city. Just outside the city, the archipelago of 24 000 islands is waiting to be explored.

Stockholm is a city of water and islands, history and innovation, small town and big city, short winter days and long, light summer nights - with a dazzling array of impressions. Thanks to the city´s compact size, you can see and do most things in a short space of time - which makes it a perfect destination for city breaks or longer stays, all the year round.

Discover a city of contrasts. Go back 750 years in time and feel the medieval atmosphere of the Old Town "Gamla Stan" as you wander through the narrow streets. Stockholm has got history - but also the latest in fashion and IT. The trendy Stockholmers are often used as a test market by international companies, as they are quick to pick up on the latest trends.
Stockholm is one third water, one third green belt and one third city. Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia is waiting for you to explore it.


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October 1, 2008