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Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH
Royal Institute of Technology

KTH accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level. Education and research cover a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. In addition to the research carried out by KTH’s Schools, a large number of both national and local Competence Centres are located at KTH. Various research foundations also finance a number of research programmes.

KTH was founded in 1827 and the main campus has been located in attractive, and now listed, buildings in central Stockholm since 1917. In addition, KTH and Stockholm University jointly offer study programmes and carry on research in biotechnology and physics. KTH also collaborates with Stockholm University, various research institutes and industry within the framework of the IT University – Sweden’s largest resource in information technology.

Here at KTH about 20,000 people today are active as students – of every description and background, and of both sexes. The traditional picture of the KTH undergraduate as being a male seems to be a die-hard one, however, today´s development towards greater equality, and a number of KTH efforts to that very effect, have paid off handsomely. A lot of things have changed materially since 1921, when admission to the regular programmes at KTH first became available to everyone, irrespective of their sex.

School of Computer Science and Communication
CSC is one of Sweden’s most advanced and successful research and education institutions in Information Technology. We work with education and research in Numerical Analysis, Computer Science, Media Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, Speech Technology, Music Acoustics and Languages at KTH and at Stockholm University (SU).

About 300 people work in this dynamic environment, 100 of whom are graduate students. Currently, 1500 undergraduate students are enrolled in our education programmes. The school is responsible for education in Computer Science and Media Technology in most of the Master of Technology programmes at KTH, and also in Bachelor and Master programmes at KTH and at the Science faculty at SU. About 11000 students participate in our about 300 courses, ranging from basic level to research level each year.


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October 1, 2008